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Finally finished


Never knew how much work contracting appendicitis could make for a brotha. Damn! I missed like 2 tests and had to make them both up on the last day of school, and that REALLY sucked bad.

Tried to get done with the flippin' community service that I was supposed to do, realized that there was a couple of forms that I never turned in that were due in September. Oh well. Not much that I can do now about that. Handed 'em in all the same. Good to be done. Dang.

That makes another year and 3/4 that I have to go to school before I can start working. Whatever. I'm ready for when it comes. Glad to be done with my nutrition class. Hopefully I got out of that dang class with a "B" because I got a BAD case of apathy right at the very end. The last test that I was making up nearly completely consisted of calculation questions related to how much protein a baby should get in relation to it's body weight. Yup. The other part was food safety. I know more about Salmonella than you would ever want to know.

Just gotta wait out the grades and let my scar heal a little bit more. It's a pretty bitchin' scar if I do say so myself.
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