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I swear that villians have it easier than this...

I'd love to be chillin' like a villian, but you know what... I can't. I have enough community service to do to make up for shoplifting several quarts of vodka. Dang. What's this gripe all about you might ask... well I'll tell ya.

It all has to do with the silly program that I am in for nursing. So... what goes on is that the American Nursing Association has a qualification to give the seal of approval to a school, that the school in question has a program that benefits the community. We, due to the school wanting ANA approval have to perform community service by going to visit senior citizens at their houses. I don't necessarily thing that there is anything wrong with this other than the time commitment involved with it. I would actually do this on my own if given the chance to, but "the man" apparently has to check up on me to make sure that I am doing my part. So I have to perform between 18-20 hours of community service during one of the most busy semesters of the year. Geez. I didn't steal anything, I may have let loose with some swears during a test or something but that's about it. I have about 8 or so hours in and SHOULD have 18 in by the 14th of december, but with my recent diagnosis of appendicitis and removal of said appendix (heheh) I am probably not going to be able to make it even if I wanted to. So now it's time for me to call up the community agency to see if I can meet with my lady before christmas and turn in my timesheet later or something.

This is ridiculous. 18-20 hours? I mean we are getting pimped out by our school for some free labor. I mean that's sad. I would be able to deal with 10 hours, but between work, school, and things like oh... I don't know... life, I am not entirely able to make it. My lady has Dr.'s appointments and PT appointments for most of the week, so if I happen to not be able to make it one week it's almost as if I am screwed. Not to mention that the agency told us that they want us to meet with our seniors 1 hr a week rather than longer than that. That in itself allows 0 leeway for mistakes. This idea sucks, and the fact that my school thought that ANA certification was worthwhile is a silly idea.

I haven't learned anything from this experience other than "the man" IS REALLY out to get me and make my life as hard as he can.
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