heavens_justice (heavens_justice) wrote,

Registered Nurse

Heck yeah.

Finally ended up getting the "letters" behind the name. Took that NCLEX test that they talk about and found out that it's allrite afterall. In school they made you think that it was going to be horrible, but that's not the case. You definately have to have a certain amount of respect for the test, and testers.

Got myself hooked up with some employment and working in the nurse game. I have since found out the difference between someone who is a ASN and BSN nurse. ASN = Crash course. BSN = Learned all the same stuff as ASN but has 2 more years clinical experience.

I found this out due to another new grad who started with me. She's done this longer than I have, and they probably won't have to train her as long, but oh well. I am going to learn as much as I can so that I can be the dude who is one of the best nurses on the floor, if not the best. My preceptor is cool, she's been doing this longer than I have been alive, and she can definately teach a brother a thing or two about a thing or 2.
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