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Dang It!

Yeah that's right. I said "dang". My silly teacher put my grade into the wrong box in the computer and now I am currently not getting credit for the credits that I payed for and earned as well as it messing with my GPA.

I mean I can do these things, but I don't like having to do them. What is the "f" am I talking about you might ask? I'll tell you. Putting things that you can't control on the back burner. Yup. Christmas break is upon us and if I somehow think that there is going to be someone at the school available to help me with this problem before Jan. 9th, then I had better think a little harder. No one is there, so there is nothing to do but give it a firm "whatever.".

Got more nursing to do when I get back to school, going to have a different clinical instructor. That'll be helpful. My current instructor wasn't bad, but she wasn't top of her game either. She was a little green, not to say that I am any different, but when you have seen the amount of great teachers and nurses in your time that I have, you know a good/been nursing for a billion years kinda nurse when you see one. I hope I get one of those.
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