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Snow and the problems it causes

Holy cow what a day.

I never in my whole life thought that I would have seen so many people in my whole life. I mean it's like the whole world is out at this time of year. People who don't normally get out of there houses, by the sheer power of Frosty and Santa are driven to stores to buy items for people they may, or may not know. And boy are these people cranky/suicidal. I nearly avoided getting run over 3 times today due to other people wanting to get back to the sanity of their happy homes. I got mad love for my people, but my people are mad angry and I don't really know what's going on. Maybe it's the fact that they wish that they had a fair chance at living a normal peaceful life, but they found out that there is a war going. Maybe they want a car that runs on hydrogen but figured out that people who own the oil companies have things rigged so that they are transitioning us onto ethanol, by making it a cheaper gasoline alternative (while still buying control in the ethanol business). Maybe they are losing faith in our government supposedly founded for the people by the people. But maybe they feel as though the people in government are persuing their own interests versus the interests of the greater good of humanity. Maybe they see all the death and destruction around us, and the errosion of values and traditions that America has held dear for hundreds of years. Little things like Christmas, somehow disappearing, seeming to die out. People trying to control things like freedom of speech by saying that people can't wish each other a "Merry Christmas" anymore.

Freedom = abscence of slave status

Freedom Fighter = Someone who takes part in violent resistance to an established political system

Tyranny = cruel and arbitrary use of authority

What does it take to be free? What does it take to stop tyranny?
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