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My preliminary findings indicate... I'm a genius! Information that matters.

I was doing my random reseach on subjects that matter. One of these happens to be nutrition. I highly recommend and practice a diet based on Macrobiotics. The gist of this way of eating has to do with Mostly Whole Grains, Some Vegetables, Some Protein (fish), and a little bit of fruit. That's it.
But how this epifiany came about has to do with talk of hypoglycemia.

It has to do with Hangovers. We've all had them, and for those of you who haven't... GOOD FOR YOU! Then you probably won't need this information, but I know a few friends of mine who would.

No one, and I mean NO ONE takes these issues on with hangovers. I am here to present my findings and cure for hangovers based on science.

There are two main causes for hangovers:

1) Dehydration (Yeah, I know you've heard this one before)
2) Hypoglycemia (Yup, you probably haven't heard too much about this) Low blood-sugar bro's and sista's.

Ever wonder why you go to white castle after drinking up a storm, go for the pizza, drink pop ect...
That's why. It's documented that overindulgence in alcohol causes hypoglycemia. Your blood sugar is less than the amount of insulin going into your blood.

I will gather evidence to prove this point, but I was looking at the symptoms of hypoglycemia and figured out that in most cases they are highly similar IF NOT THE SAME as a hangover:

Hypoglycemia Progresses a variety of symptoms occur such as headaches, difficulty in concentration, disorientation, mental confusion, dizziness, faintness, double vision, coldness of the extremities, staggering or inability to walk, muscle twitching, depression, restlessness and mania (excessive excitement). Unless recognized and treated, severe hypoglycemia can lead to generalized convulsions followed by retrograde amnesia and unconsciousness. (Retrograde means moving backwards to a worse state.)

This would also indicate why people tend to wake up in the middle of the night sweating after a night of binge drinking. Same thing happens with folks who have hypoglycemia.

I made the connection after I recalled one of the better hangover cures that I heard of was drinking Orange Juice with sugar in it before going to bed. I didn't make the connection at that time, but whenever diabetics or folks who are hypogylcemic need a quick blood sugar fix, one of the things that they reach for is oj because it goes into your bloodstream so quick (has to do with fructose -- fruit sugar = easy to use right away).

So anyway I have made my case, and now I will make my case for the cure or prevention of hangovers:

Control your blood sugar if you are going to get yourself "faded". Try downing 20 oz of oj with a tablespoon or two of sugar in it. Follow that up with a gatorade, or powerade to replace your electrolytes and you should be good.

Granted this might not get rid of nausea and the like, it sounds like it should take care of 9/10ths of the symptoms associated with a hangover.

I only drop this info on everyone because I have mad love for y'all.
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