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Wake yo punk ass up, Jeah. Growin' up in da hood.

Life ain't nothin' but bitches and money. Words to live by. Gotta love those early gangsta rappers. They really knew how to keep it real.

Finally got through my clinicals for Nursing. Didn't know how I would fare, but I did quite well. Helped out a brotha who was an undiagnosed diabetic. Helped him to learn how to inject his own insulin.

Got really wore out from it though. Went to work and was just tired. The following day I had only gotten about 7 hrs of sleep and didn't really talk a whole lot for that day. Haven't heard the end of it so far. "Are you back to your normal self? We were scared. You were scaring everyone." Holy cow. I am glad to see that my perogative to not talk is one of the heralding signs of the apocolypse.

Geez. I even got a call today from someone asking me about it. But so the world doesn't go into a tailspin, for the last gualdarntime, I'm fine! I was just worn out from running around for 12 hours straight and living off of 6 hours sleep and some cafe con leche. It's not ideal ah-iyte?

Anyway. Enough of that. Life is back to normal and I am back to doing what I do best which is killin' time. Which reminds me... I should go and play some video games.
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